Better2Know was founded in 2008. Starting with five clinics in London, it responded to demand for fast access to confidential STI testing appointments, with fast results. It expanded quickly with new clinics around the country in key cities: Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and growing relationships with The Doctors Laboratory and Nuffield Health.

In spring 2011, Better2Know was bought by its current owners, and remains a privately owned company. At this time, Better2Know had partnerships with 50 clinics across the UK providing the Better2Know service. A period of re-evaluating and planning for the next stage of growth of Better2Know followed. The home sample collection service was launched in Ireland in April 2011. ISO9001 registration was achieved in October 2011, showing the more focussed approach that Better2Know took to quality. New partnerships were forged, along with new ways of providing services to patients where the doctor’s appointment would come after result were known. A Medical Advisory Board put together new packages of screens to provide comprehensive testing for all, as well as bespoke tests for MSM and WSW. Responding to patient demand, Better2Know also offered vaccines for some viral infections.

In 2013, Better2Know launched its clinic service in South Africa. The first service of its kind on the continent. The service was an immediate success with sales in the first week of the website being launched.

2014 saw the launch of Better2Know services in Spain, Italy and India. To meet these opportunities the head office team has doubled, with increased focus on Patient Services to bring a higher level of service to our patients so that they get consistent support and advice from Better2Know, no matter where they are in world.

In 2015, Better2Know expanded its offering to the Irish market to Dublin, and across all of Ireland in 2016.  Better2Know India was launched in the last quarter of 2015.

2016 also saw the launch of the Better2Know shop.  Offering our customers a wider range of sexual health products.

2017 has seen the succesful launch of the service in the Middle East, with the first bookings made in the UAE.  The new office in Cape Town opened in January 2017 with the new team answering patient calls for Africa.

In 2018, Better2Know launched its service across Australia with immediate success.  Better2Know has also won the BIBAs Small Business of the Year Award 2018 and CEO Mike Asher won South African Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year Award.

Time line


  • Better2Know founded in August


  • Better2Know began its expansion outside of London to major cities in the UK.


  • Better2Know sold to its current owners in April
  • Launch of Home Sample Collection Service in Ireland
  • ISO 9001 registration achieved


  • Medical Advisory Board propose new screens
  • Growth of UK clinic business to include 100 sites


  • New relationship with Spire pathology, making appointments faster for patients
  • Launch of blood and swab home sample collection in UK and Ireland
  • Launch of Better2Know clinic service in South Africa


  • Launch of Instant Testing in the UK for six STIs
  • Launch of clinic business in Spain
  • Launch of Everywhere service in the UK - We Come2You
  • Launch of home sample collection in Italy and India


  • Launch of online results reporting in the UK
  • Launch of Better2Know clinics in Dublin
  • Launch of Better2Know India


  • Launch of clinic service across all of  Ireland
  • Launch of Better2Know Shop


  • Launch of Better2Know in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia
  • Launch of Cape Town office for African patients


  • Launch of Better2Know in Australia
  • Award winners