Better2Know’s vision is to be the company people think of when they want a private, confidential, fast STI Test.

Better2Know is the world’s largest private provider of STI testing services. We provide Clients with appointments quickly which give them fast and accurate results to their STI concerns.

Better2Know, through telephone and web based activities, find patients who require an STI test. Better2Know will answer non medical questions from patients and book them for appropriate tests at a clinic of their choosing.

Better2Know works with carefully selected clinics and centres who have high quality standards and trained staff to answer Client medical queries and collect the necessary samples. We operate within the bounds of legislation, statutory and regulatory requirements and good practice in the industry.

Better2Know also runs a home sample collection STI testing service for patients who collect their own samples at home.

Better2Know works with high quality providers of laboratory testing in order to ensure fast and accurate results are communicated to patients.

To achieve and continually improve these healthcare aspirations, risks are assessed, clear business objectives are set, continually reviewed, and communicated to staff, stakeholders, interested parties and suppliers.

We offer each of our Clients the highest standard of service. We work with them to fulfil and, where possible exceed their expectations through the provision of high quality consultations and fast, accurate test results.

Through regular review, communication and appraisal, support staff, are encouraged to consistently adopt sound business practices in line with the Business Management System (BMS) to deliver solutions to meet Client needs and achieve agreed business objectives.

Integral to the way we meet Client satisfaction is to identify and monitor control measures, and work within the philosophy of our BMS. This also provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives and continually improving the systems by which we work.

The BMS system meets the requirements of the International Quality Standard ISO 9001:2015.

This policy is reviewed on an annual basis for continuing suitability and is available to all interested parties on the B2K website.

Mike Asher

Chief Exeuctive

July 2019