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Better2Know’s private STI testing facilities can be found throughout Western Australia, including at our Kalgoorlie sexual health clinics. Our confidential sexual health service offers a simple and effective patient journey. Better2Know has a wide range of comprehensive screens and tests that are designed and reviewed by medical specialists. We test for various harmful infections including Chlamydia, HIV, Herpes and Hepatitis B. Our experienced sexual health advisors can help you decide which screens or tests will meet your needs, so you get peace of mind when it comes to your sexual health.

Remember, getting tested regularly is an important step in maintaining your sexual health, and can help prevent the spread of STIs. Most people with an STI do not have any symptoms, so the only way to know if you have an STI is to get tested.

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STI and HIV Testing in Kalgoorlie

Better2Know has friendly, welcoming, and highly trained advisors who will make your STI Test appointment, simple and discreet. Your sexual health advisor can organise same or next-day appointments in Kalgoorlie 6 days a week.

In the past year, new cases of STIs such as Gonorrhoea and Syphilis, have increased in Western Australia. WA’s Department of Health has reported that Gonorrhoea has risen by 34% and Syphilis by 61%.

We understand that sexual health matters can be distressing. Better2Know’s expert sexual health advisors aim to make your experience as pleasant and as easy as possible. Should you require further guidance, our sexual health team can guide you on what your next steps should be when you receive your results. Better2Know’s sexual health experts can arrange doctor consultations if you do test positive. If you have any doubts concerning your sexual health, you need to get tested now to keep you and your partner safe. It is always Better2Know.

Your Kalgoorlie STI Test appointment

Upon your arrival at our discreet sample collection centre in Kalgoorlie, you will be seen by a qualified phlebotomist, which is the name of someone who collects blood. They will then take your samples and send them to our fully certified, Australian laboratory.

Your results will be ready within 1-5 days of our laboratory receiving your samples, depending on what tests you have chosen. Most are back within a couple of days. Better2Know provides you with a secure patient login area. We will send you the login details when you book your appointment. We will report your results as soon as they are ready. You can access your STI test results at any time. An experienced sexual health advisor will also contact you, if requested, once all your results are available.

Kalgoorlie 24-hour sexual health hotline

To book an appointment in Kalgoorlie with Better2Know, or if you have additional queries, please call our trained and discreet Patient Services team on the number above. If you are ready to book now, you can book online with the Get Started button.

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Follow-up Treatment
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We can help you with any treatment or referral you may need.

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